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2001:A Space Odyssey Eva pod and Dave Bowman

This is a Lego set that contains 273 pieces including the base, the mini figure and the Monolith. The Lego set has movable arms that can carry the weight of a mini figure. Like in the movie when Dave goes to rescue Franks body. It has a removable part in the top where you can introduce Dave inside the Eva pod. I also have to mention that I built the Dave Bowman mini figure from a YouTube video. This Lego set would be a great product considering that Lego has many star wars ships sets and other sci fi Legos that are really awesome too, just like this one. 2001: A Space Odyssey would stand out in store shelves having in mind how big and awesome the movie is, even after it came out 52 years ago. By the way Hal 9000 was in Lego Dimensions so that could be another point.

Space and stars don’t come in the set.
just wanted to clarify

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