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"Spikersuppa" Ice Skating Rink

Inspired by the local ice skating place called "Spikersuppa" in Oslo Norway. Every winter theres a ice skating rink in the middle of Oslo city where everyone can go and enjoy ice skating. Kids and adults having fun while the everyday life continues just outside in the city center. A place to escape, drink some hot chocolate and have fun.

A little stand where you can buy drinks and rent ice skates.
The skating rink where you can enjoy the ice skates
A sidewalk easily connected to the road network

I built this because I think the stories that can be created here are important for us all. No matter how old or young you are, it is important to have fun and enjoy your life. No matter if you are alone or have someone to share it with.

The build is created in a way that it's easy to connect to an existing city and the modular buildings. Instead of having all the modular buildings in a like, now you can also add something across the street ;) This is why I think this would make a great lego set, and that it would fit nicely in with the lego brand and many different sets.

Its approximately 1500 pieces in this build.

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