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Survey Crew and Flagging Construction Vechiles


Here is my idea for the Lego Ideas website and for Lego City. It is called Survey Crew and Flaging Construction Vechiles. It comes with four safety helmets, four Construction people, four stop signs, two Pickup Construction Vechile, the purple Pickup Counstruction Vechile is the flaging truck, the red Pickup Construction Vechile  is the survey crew, the crew truck has on it a measuring survey stick with two red bricks that tell how far every job is, it also has a camera to line up with the stick. The two trucks have four lights on the  front and back. Inside the Pickup Construction vechiles are two seats, two steering wheels,  and two mini driving sticks. Lego and Lego City does not have any of the vechiles in the Construction sets and i think that they would sell a lot and it would almost complete the Constructon sets. These Pickup Construction Vechiles were easy to make and they would be a lot of fun for everone of all ages. It would go good with the Tar Paver set also or any other Construction set that Lego City makes.This set lets your imagination grow and would be hours of fun for everyon. Thanks for your vote on this set and have a great day! 

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