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Paris Bakery


Welcome to the Paris Bakery where all the finest breads and pastries are baked fresh every morning. This small city bakery is the pride of its owner, the amazing Monsieur Pierre.

I wanted to make a bakery because there are lots of Lego restaurants and pizzerias bu there are no bakeries. It is a small bakery located in a beautiful building somewhere in Paris.

The facade has a large window on ground floor so that passers by can come and marvel at the amazing pastries. There is a sign overhanging the street and there is also a canopy over the door and window for shade. On the upper floor there is a large window that looks out at the Eiffel tower. The top of the building has ornately decorated stonework. There is a cherry blossom tree on the street outside.

Inside on the ground floor there is a counter displaying all of the different pastries for sale. On the back wall there are baguettes and  pretzels for sale. There is a beautiful brick oven for baking. The oven can be removed and has an open back for play-ability. You can add the fuel at the bottom and then insert the bread using the peel (baking shovel). There is also a cash register.

the bakers office is on the top floor. It contains a desk, a light and a chair.


The Baker, Monsieur Pierre.

I hope everyone likes my idea. Please feel free to give me any constructive criticism and take a look at some of my other projects.

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