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Discovering Life on Titan, a New Space Adventure

Welcome to Titan, the biggest moon of Saturn! Titan is considered the most promising candidate for extraterrestrial life in the Solar system. The presence in atmosphere of complex organic compounds makes it an object of considerable interest. Titan’s surface is very similar to the surface of planet earth. There are dunes, mountains, rivers and lakes (of liquid methane and liquid ethane). It is thought that the chemical reactions, which took place on planet Earth during the primordial phase, could be carried out on this satellite. This was when life was born.

My idea:

I imagined a Space Station composed by different modules and a vehicle for exploration, with a crew of three astronauts and two humanoids. The purpose of the mission is studying and searching for organic compounds and the possibility of using the natural resources on Titan for the maintenance and continuation of the mission.

The set consist of:

  • Command module, is managed by astrobiologist Joseph Shepard and the humanoid GI05V74. Inside there is the instrumentation necessary for the functioning of the space station, computers, radars and an air purifier to eliminate CO2.

  • Laboratory module, inside there is an electron microscope and other equipment in order to study organic compounds on rocks and liquids.

  • Living module, where the astronauts can sleep and write in the “boarding diary”. Inside there is a device that is able to purify the astronauts’ liquids, three beds and a bathroom.

  • Services module, a pipe network connects this module to the others, managing to supply energy, water and oxygen. An "extractor" next to this module transforms the methane present in abundance on the surface of Titan into energy and extracts oxygen from the water present in the subsoil. The services module has many monitors and computers for its correct functioning, a photobioreactor is connected inside it for the cultivation of micro algae, useful for the production of oxygen and food. Moreover, a 3D printer and a charging base for the humanoids have been inserted.

  • Exploration Vehicle, astrophysicist Eddie Cooper enjoys traveling the surface of Titan with his inseparable rover. The rover is equipped with three pair of wheels, radars, headlights and an arm with two types of interchangeable drills to explore the subsoil and rivers looking for rocks and liquids samples.

  • Crew, consists of astrobiologist Joseph Shepard, biologist Cristina Carpenter, astrophysicist Eddie Cooper and two humanoids AL29D01 e GI05V74 always ready to cooperate each other.

  • Connection modules, they are used to connect the main modules. In one of these it is possible to store the helmet and the respirator used by Mr. Cooper.

  • The Functionality, the roofs the modules can be removed so you can play inside the modules. The tailgate and the doors, can rotate and can be opened. The roofs are equipped with solar panels, headlights to illuminate the surface of Titan, oxygen tanks and radar transmitters for communications.

The modules are connected to each other by Technic pins.
I also include two small reconstructions of the surface of Titan, with rocks and liquid methane.
The set consist of approximately 2700 bricks and five minifigure.

This project was born out of my interest in science fiction and books about exploration of the universe.

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