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The wonderful thing about LEGO is that with a few limited number of small pieces you can recreate everything you want. Imagination is your limit!

So when I discovered Factorio, I immediately fell in love with it for the exact same reasons. With a few number of elements, you may create the world of machines of your own, any factory big enough to support your dreams.

Eventually, I came across this fantastic idea: why not join both of those amazing worlds, and provide anyone a limited number of elements to recreate your scenery, and reproduce the little machines at home?

This is why I propose this Factorio project. I hope this will please all Factorio's fans out there, but also to any AFOL willing to discover a new building world.

PS: the first image is just an example of a scene, but as everything is modular, you can rearrange the belts, the walls, the doors... as you wish in a virtually unlimited number of combinations :)

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