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The Labyrinth Part 1


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This is the first part of the labyrinth. Some of you have commented that you wanted to see the labyrinth, so here it is.

This first part of the labyrinth finishes just befor Sara falls in the hands, where the second part will start. in the movie it appears hoogle and a talking worm, but there are no pieces to build them.It contains:

Camouflage door

The entrance of the Labyrinth

The two doors 


In the pictures you may see it little, but it is not that little. The two doors, one is red and one blue, one says the truth and the other dont, Sara passes the blue one and she fells in some talking hands, no one knows what it looks inside the red door, if it is magic, it will be tha castle or something else The complete Labyrinth will be divided in 5 parts or more. 

If these gets 1000 votes, Part 2 will be coming.

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