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Minifigure House

   This is a brick-built house. It features a chimney, and a roof deck with opening hatch. Inside is a bed with multicolor bedsheets, a stackable washer and dryer, a wardrobe that includes one extra male torso brick, one extra female torso brick, and three extra minifigure leg bricks. It also includes a stove/microwave, a bathroom underneath the stairs, a locking mechanism for the roof hatch, and a lock on the front door. It also has a fireplace and TV, a couch, and a bin full of Lego bricks in the corner with a wall sign reading "Create".
          I built this set with no intention for Lego Ideas. It was simply a build. However, after two people separately told me I should submit it to Lego Ideas and one person told me I should submit it to The Lego Group having no idea that Lego Ideas existed, I decided to submit it.
         I think it would make a great Lego set because it is a very different build than you typically see. It features a male and female minifigure, so you can customize it to some degree. It has a ton of playability, as you can act out real-life roll play virtually endlessly.
         I hope you will consider voting for this set to become reality.Thank you, everyone, for your support. Leg Godt!

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