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Research Outpost and Scouting Ship

Attention Lego fans!

I am excited to present my first submission to the Lego Ideas program: the Research Outpost and Scouting Ship.

This set offers an original concept and an engaging building experience that I hope will ignite your creativity and passion for Lego. It features a main build consisting of a fully furnished research outpost with a detachable landing/launching pad, a scouting airship, a ground vehicle equipped with various supplies for the researchers, and a crew of four dressed in their mission uniforms. As of now, this set comprises a total of 1601 parts.

The Research Outpost provides a believable and self-contained habitat, including:
  • Sleeping quarters for the crew
  • A comfortable lounge area for relaxation
  • A well-equipped kitchen with appliances and supply shelves
  • An abundant hydroponics farm (which may appear a bit out of control)
  • A shared bathroom
  • A dining table for communal meals
  • A dedicated research station
  • A detachable landing/launching pad

The sub-models consist of a land exploration vehicle (it's a car) inspired by the 1999 Lego Adventurers theme, and an original airship that serves as the second largest build.

Opening up the aircraft reveals:
  • A fully accessible fuselage housing mission-critical components
  • A tool wall, concealing an engine room

Thank you for your interest and support. Together, we can bring the Research Outpost and Scouting Ship to life!

  • The landing gear of the airship has been updated to remove a critical design flaw.
  • The design of the rudder and aft section of the airship have been updated
  • Some colours have been changed to account for parts availability

Apologies for some of the weirdly cropped pictures, the re-sizing tool just wouldn't behave as I wanted despite my best intents.

Best regards,

The designer

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