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Bricktown Garden Centre

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Welcome to the Bricktown Garden Centre!
If you like my idea, I would appreciate your support by clicking on the support button above for free. Below, I have some more information about my design for you:
What is it?
Above you can see my design for a market garden made of LEGO bricks, which I realised with 2724 pieces on a base area of 48x64 studs. It consists of the main building and the garden area, which in turn is divided into several areas. 
The main building
The main building has a floor space of 16x32 studs and consists of two rooms. In the front is the sales room where the flowers are sold. Several flower pots and vases are placed here, some on the floor and some on the large sales table. The cash register also has its place here. The large windows in the roof and walls flood the room with light, so that the colours of the flowers come out beautifully. For the sales area, it was especially important to me that it looks friendly, which is why I used light, warm colours here. I also wanted to include as many details as possible, such as the roll of paper in which the bouquets will later be wrapped. In the back of the building, which is separated by a curtain, the flowers are prepared. Here there is a work table and a small storage area for more flower pots. A door leads from the sales building into the garden.
The garden
In the front part of the garden, which is closer to the house, there are several flower beds. These are connected to the main house by paths, so that they are easily accessible with a watering can or wheelbarrow. Behind the flowerbeds, a small pond has been raised slightly. Visitors can relax here on a bench and watch the frogs. Shade is provided by a tree that is home to a family of birds. Next to it is a greenhouse where exotic plants are planted. I think that a greenhouse simply belongs to every nursery, so I really wanted to build one. At the back of the garden is a garden shed where plant soil and seeds are stored. It also houses various tools such as a shovel or a rake. Last but not least, there is a driveway behind the house on which a pickup truck is parked that is being loaded with tree seedlings. The whole thing is bordered by a hedge that is being tended by an employee. Incidentally, the hedge alone swallowed up almost 1,000 stones and is instrumental in ensuring that my design is close to the maximum limit of 3,000 stones.
The idea:
I think a market garden would make an excellent LEGO set, as you could either display it as a pure display set or integrate it into your own LEGO town. Also, there is currently no real nursery in the LEGO range, so this design would be a nice addition.
I hope you like my idea! To make it an official LEGO set, I need your help! Only if this design receives 10,000 votes can it be officially realised. Therefore, I would be very happy if you support this design and share it with your friends! If you have any suggestions for improvement, be sure to write them in the comments so I can implement them in an update! Feel free to check out my other submissions, you might find the two customers from the nursery again. 
Thank you for your support and for reading my description up to this point! 
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