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Zoology Classroom


It's time to learn about animals in this school, and a special classroom has been prepared since decades for all children who want to have a special lesson. Zoology teacher explains by a map the origin of ancient bones, matters as geography and paleontology are widely exposed. Around the classroom there are shelves full of animal models among which a giant octopus. Bones, big bird's eggs, shark and preistoric tigers teeth are well conserved, ready to be analysed by students.

Yeah, students: they're more interested in something else, such as snake models, frogs and above all playing with all this stuff! A mix of models, fossils, zoology books, maps and instruments to work in the comprehension of wonderful animal world.
I tried to reproduce an old classroom, brown elements used to create aged wood and the checked floor to design the students' area. Bricked walls complete the creation, an old building's room. I hope you'll enjoy studying and playing Zoology Classroom!

You're free to imagine a possible insertion in your preferred collection and write it in the comment section, you're welcome.

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