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Lego Tool Kit


          This is a tool kit made completely out of Lego! It is designed to look like a 2x4 brick and is red in color. It has a detachable cap and yellow holders for the Lego tools that come with it inside. It also comes with an attachable red and yellow handle for portability and a rubber grip. It comes with four tools, a large flashlight, a small compact flashlight, a watch, and a plier. The large flashlight is a working flashlight that has a rubber grip made out of a chain of dampers, an attachable belt clip, a small red button and a large head for a wide and bright light beam. The small compact flashlight is also powered by one light brick, but it has an orange button on the back and makes a smaller, more concentrated light beam. The watch has many adjustable technic links and is easy to attach. It has a large clear head and the band is partially made out of black dampers for comfort. The pliers have two handles and are easy to open and close to grip wires. It can also be used as an effective brick separator. This model has 731 pieces


Build Info:

  • This set has 731 pieces and would be for ages 8-14
  • The large flashlight would require focus and concentration to build, but the rest of the tools are relatively easy to build
  • There are no minifigures in this set
  • This set has five main models, a box for the tools, a plier, a watch, and two flashlights.


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