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The Water Well Village


The Water Well Village

I created two builds for this village, a tailor's shop, with some hats, two dummies (a man with shirt and pants and a woman with a red dress), the second floor I putted the Tailor Bedroom with a sewing table.
I created a bakery too, this is very necessary for a medieval village, with some breads, pies and croissant, this build contains a Baker’s house/shop, with a big furnace.
To Complete the Village, I bring a deep water well and a tend with a Vendor.
The Village contains a big Tree and some animals (one cat and two pigs).
I putted 6 villagers, but we can put more, so we have a child that is shepherding pigs, a Woman buying something in tend, a vendor, the Baker, the Tailor and an Old dwarf Warrior.
Set contains 1536 pieces in total.

Let's bring castle theme back! Let’s bring medieval age back again!

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