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Horse Head Bookend

Based on the classic bookends, that have been popular throughout time. This semi-posable build can be used practically or just as an art piece, adding a touch of class to a plain shelf or desk. As it is completely symmetrical, it can be faced in any direction and still look great.

This build utilises the SNOT technique to give a more natural, sculpted feel.
Containing approximately 753 pieces and measuring in at 235 mm high, 96 mm wide,160 mm deep (measurements are taken off of base and backing, an additional 40 mm for mouth/nose).

I have been working on this build for 3 years slowly tweaking and adjusting.
It is now at a point that I am happy and excited to finally submit and share.

*Please note that measurements are a guide only and may be out a few mm. The colours may not be final as I used what was available to me.

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