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6 Wheeled Earth Mover


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Hi everyone this is Treetop2017, i know it has been a long time but here is my new idea called 6 wheeled Earth Mover. My ideas comes with one construction worker with yellow pants, orange shirts, and construction helmets, a Earth mover truck body, inside the truck who have a steering wheel, and a driving stick, on the outside of the Earth mover dump truck you have two orange and clear headlights, a plate number on the front,  also on the front you have a truck cab with orange square light, on the middle of the Earth  mover dump truck you have two black smoke stacks,  a dump truck body that tips up and down, on the back side there is two red circles for the break lights and orange lights.

I have always wanted to make dump truck or a earth mover because I think it would be great for any of the Lego sets and this one was easy to make and I like the design. So  if you have any suggestions on how to make my idea even better I would be happy to hear them and Thanks. I hope you have a Great Day!

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