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Light Rail Station/Subway


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SAFETY FEATURES:  Based on a composite of local commuter facilities, the main theme of this design is harmonious safety.  Beginning with the studded Warning Strip at the Elevated Platform and Crosswalk edges, these provide sure footing for our minifigure passengers.  Various Signals and Signage about the site help them find their way aided by Pass Vendor, System Map and Schedule KiosksFencing and other barriers, such as Planters, minimize their exposure to moving trains.  Lampposts keep the station well lit while Windscreens and the prominent Canopy provide shelter from the elements.  And since we are headed into a dense urban downtown, the rail line must go underground disappearing into a Subway Tunnel.

DESIGN FEATURES:  In contrast to the  primary colors of the trains and signage color-coded to the line's identification, the various station elements were chosen for their symbolism and subtlety.  Echoing the canopy's arches, the central divider fence is essentially another arch reoriented parallel to the tracks then inverted.  This motif is further brought out by the platform's semicircular tile pattern.  The canopy colors reflect the surrounding trees with woody brown structural elements and dark, leafy green roofing

Thanks for your consideration and support.  It is intended to make a realistic addition to any L-Scale train enthusiast's collection.

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