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Future Mars Base

T h e  f u t u r e  i s  u p o n  u s . . .

"Mission Control, this is Romulus ADV: The thrusters are cold, we did it. We're on Mars."

The message that, 9 minutes after it was sent, was met with fantastic celebrations worldwide. The Fledgling I spacecraft was in orbit of Mars, the Romulus lander had reached the surface at Marineris Base, and for the first time humans were about to walk out on the red planet.


Well maybe that's not quite how the Mars landings of the future will unfold, but here is my interpretation of a base for humans for future missions to Mars, in Lego form. I present to you my fifth product idea on Lego Ideas, 'Future Mars Base'! Before people asked if humans getting to Mars could ever happen, now the question is when will it happen? The answer is very soon if you support this idea and it is made as an official Lego set!

I originally built this base as an extra model for my entry to the 'Moon to Mars' contest and now I have submitted it as its own separate product idea. The model features:
  • The central module of the living area with a domed roof and four connecting passages with green or red lights above.
  • The four smaller section of the base with transparent red windows, connected magnetically to the central habitation dome. They have thrusters on the base to land on the ground.
  • Two ADVs (Ascent/Descent Vehicles), the Romulus and the Remus, with thrusters, landing pads and stabiliser rockets.
  • Two six-wheeled Mars rovers which can have parachutes attached to them to land on the surface.
  • Two sets of four solar panel arrays which can be angled.
  • Two sets of transmission antennae and receiver dishes.

The Fledgling I rocket (called this because as humans travel to another planet, we are making our flight from the nest of Earth) can be seen in the background of the images. This would be the spacecraft that would 'ferry' astronauts and equipment from Earth to Mars. I do not propose for this to be included if this were to be made a set.

I think this would make a fantastic Lego set for anyone who is interested in space and what the future holds for space exploration. I think it has an intriguing design so would look cool on display. It also would be fun to play with as you can gradually establish the base by landing things on the surface, attaching the various sections of the base and setting up the other equipment. I think this set also strikes a good balance between the real-life collectors space sets, and the space-themed play sets, more aimed at children. I think there are many Lego fans that aren't complete space fanatics (so wouldn't buy, for example, the Saturn V rocket) but would be interested in more realistic space sets. Although I would definitely class myself as one of these space fanatics!

Thank you for reading about my product idea: Future Mars Base. I would really appreciate it if you supported my idea or left a comment about what you like or think could be better about the model. 10,000 is a huge challenge (almost as hard as landing on Mars) but I know with your support it is possible! I would be delighted if this can make it past 100 supporters! If you're a big space fan like me, then why not check out my other space-themed submissions on my profile?

Thank you!


M a r s  i s  b e n e a t h  u s

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