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IGF-09 Sandstorm


About This Project:

This project is a desert mech that comes with a mini mech to help protect the larger one from small and fast moving targets. The larger mech can carry one minifigure in it's chest as well as his stereo or other minifigure accessories. The larger one has a large shoulder cannon which can track targets. The other shoulder has rocket launchers which can also track targets. Both hands on the large mech have machine guns as well as hands for grippin and rippin. One hand also has a blade which can fold back when not wanted. The small mech has a machine gun for a hand and a giant sword in his other hand. He can hold minifigure accessories in his one hand. Both mechs are poseable.

Play Features:

  • Large mech can carry one minifigure in it's chest.
  • Both mechs are poseable.
  • Both hands on the larger mech can hold a minifigure.


  • One minifigure.
  • One minifigure stereo.
  • Giant sword for mini mech.
  • A minifigure hammer and wrench.(in the cockpit.)

I think this is a cool project. It was fun to build and it's fun to change it's pose on my shelf. I really like the funky minifigure i came up with too. Well if you like this project please support and share thank you.

Thanks for your support.

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