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Downton Abbey

This is a dual-purpose model for all lovers of the hit TV show Downton Abbey!

This is a mini-scale version of Highclere Castle, used as the set for the show with a minifigure scale inside, featuring four of the commonly used rooms (The Grantham dining room and library, and the servant's hall and kitchen).

As a lover of Downton, I had to see this set build in its entirety, with four sides, figures, but also with playability, and multiple options for display: with the walls and roof fitting over the inside rooms in a mini-scale build, as separate entities side by side (as shown in the pictures), or even with each room separated and used as bookends or to be side-by-side on a mantelpiece.

The set includes 12 minifigures to match the size of the build (6 from each upstairs and downstairs):
  • Lord Grantham (Robert)
  • Lady Grantham (Cora)
  • Matthew Crawley
  • Lady Mary
  • Lady Edith
  • Violet Crawley

  • Mr Carson
  • Mrs Hughes
  • Mr Bates
  • Anna Bates (Smith)
  • Thomas Barrow
  • Mrs Pattmore

It measures 35x35 bricks wide and long, and 25 bricks high, vote now to support it getting made into a real product!

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