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Nemo’s Nautilus


From the mind of Jules Verne and the iconic designs of Harper Goff the famous submarine and characters from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is here in LEGO form!

This playset comes with interior spaces that include the Grand Salon, Diving Area, Office Room, Nemo’s Cabin and of course the Wheel House. Each area is sprinkled with details that are sure to spark the imagination.

This model allows great playability with easy access to all areas. You can display along side the giant squid and other included marine life! Reenact your favorite scenes or create new ones. This set also includes Ned Land, Captain Nemo, Professor Aronnax, Conseil, the Nautilus’ First Mate, a Nautilus’s Crew Member and Captain Nemo’s pet sea lion “Esmeralda”.

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