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The Ancient Egyptian Game of Senet

Are you looking for the perfect companion piece for the Lego Groups Great Pyramid of Giza #21058?
Look no further, and please support my Idea. It could become a real set.

The Ancient Egyptian Game of Senet
After watching a fantastic series following Egyptian archeology and discoveries, I learned of the ancient game of Senet. Senet was such a popular game among the Pharos and population, that King Tutankhamun (Tut) was discovered to have been buried with four Senet boards along with his other treasures.

The build is a fully playable Senet board. With it are included 10 playing pieces, 4 throwing sticks, and storage for all of the pieces.

The full ancient name was senet net hab, which means “game of passing through”. Ancient Egyptians thought that the pieces journeyed across the board like the soul passing through the underworld to get to the afterlife. The rules of this game were lost to time and only educated guesses about how it was played have been made over the years since its discovery.

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