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the Tumbler

This is the famous "Batmobile" from the new movies, known now as the "Tumbler." LEGO has already created their version of this vehicle, but I felt that they kind of goofed it up. I decided to make my own version of the Tumbler to make it look much more screen-accurate. This is not to accurate minifigure scale, but LDD does allow me to fit a minifigure inside of the vehicle, so the set would hopefully come with a Batman minifigure.

I see this as more of a collectors set rather than a play model as the structural integrity was compromised in some areas in order to make the set more detailed.

This set has about 270 pieces and was designed in LDD, so I do have the instructions on file.

*I got the inspiration for this set from Brent Waller, who has his own version of the Tumbler posted on this site.*

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