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Agria 9600 RC - High Grass Rotary Mulcher & Snow Plow


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Hello Agria and LEGO-fans,

Based on the origianal agria 9600-112 machine, I designed a multifunctional and fully electric LEGO version of that machine.
The original version has a innovative hybrid drive concept. The powerful engine powers the electric traction drive and grass cutter. In my version I replaced the power engine with 2 battery boxes to reach a no emission machine. I also added an optional snow plow in front of the machine so I can use the machine also in winter season to clear the snow. With the rubber crawler track and a low center of gravity the machine has a maximum of traction, very low ground pressure and it can be used for an efficient operation on slopes. And of course all 4 motors can be separately controlled remote.


  • Remote controlled
  • Drive forward/backward, zero turn. Mowing in forward and backward drive.
  • Raise or lower the mower deck (2 studs) and snow plow via 2 linear actuators.
  • Cycle up and down the cutter drive (2 blade carriers with 8 swinging blades).
  • Optional snow plow, can be undocked with 3 pins on each side.
  • Rotatable snow plow (manual modification of two liftarms on one side needed).
  • Total bricks: 1.625, Total lots: 91 (including snow plow, only existing bricks).
  • Dimensions: about 31 x 36 x 18 centimeters (width, length, height).
  • Weight: about 1.500 grams.

Power functions:

  • 2 Power Functions L motors, one for each rubber crawler track.
  • 1 Power Functions L motor to raise or lower the mower deck and also raise or lower the snow plow.
  • 1 Power Functions L to control the grass cutter.
  • 2 Power Functions Receiver Units to control the 4 motors.
  • 2 Power Functions Battery Boxes to power all receiver units and motors.

Thanks for any support, comments or questions.

One Agria. Many possibilities!

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