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LL917 Moon Buggy



LL917 Moon Buggy


About The Design

I based this design on the Classic LEGO Space of 1979, and thus followed form in terms of overall design and colouring.  I gave it the name of LL917 to indicate it being just prior to the smallest in that series.

Called the Moon Buggy, it is designed as an all-terrain vehicle on any planet, as seen in the accompanying photos.  The vehicle has six large wheels for any terrain, these being unpowered as propulsion is via two rocket boosters in the rear.  Two vertical fins add stability at higher speeds.

The large rear section can open via two doors on the back end, and these can be used for experiments and cargo.  The cockpit is open and the Minifig spaceman is required to use a spacesuit, although a small windscreen is fitted.  Egress is provided by two folding ladders, which are seen down in the “desert planet” scene.  These fold up alongside the craft when in motion.  At the front are large floodlights for exceptional visibility, and in the extreme nose is a probe for drilling or experiments.

The cockpit features many control panels, and two control tillers for steering.  Red and green navigation lights are fitted in the nose and tail.

The model was built utilizing LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) 4.3 and uses mostly standard LEGO parts.



Length overall:  23.8 cm

Width overall:  6.3 cm (ladders up)

Height overall:  6.9 cm

Brick count:  167 (with Minifig)


Please “share” this design so as many followers as possible can view this concept.  Any comments or feedback is welcome.  Thank you.

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