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The Mushroom House


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Far, far away, in a fairy dream land, lived a Lego Designer Fairy. One day, a strong storm hit, and his amazing old home broke down. Since he needed a new home, he decided to make this one even better! So by using a mushroom, he created his own, amazing, home, and lived happily ever after!

Hi there! My name is Philip and I am 13 years old. I loved Lego since I was 6, and I decided that I would build my own Lego set! I was brainstorming some ideas, when the mushroom house clicked in my brain!

I built this mushroom house because I really think fairy gardens are really cool! They just look inspiring, and magical! And I always liked small mushroom villages!

This set is great because the interior of the mushroom house is FULLY customizable! All there is inside is the floor and the rest, is for you to design. It is a bit small, because fairies are small. But this set consists of 168 peices, so its great for beginner Lego players! You can make a small village, put it in your real fairy garden, or even just put it on display!

Since this is my first set, I know it will not have much sucess, but I believe that someday, Lego should make a new Lego type, called Fairy Gardens. I really appriciate if you support this set, and thank you so much! My goal for this set is to have 50 supporters in all the time I have. Thank you for reading this far :)

I apologize for the image quality, since I used Lego Digital Designer...

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