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Police Patrol Car


"Protect and Serve", with this awesome Police car set! Model is inspired by the iconic American black and white patrol car. Model has smooth lines, is a blast to build, can accomadate the two included figures (as shown), and comes with accessories for hours of entertainment. Set comes with Two mini-figures and every tool a cop needs on the street. Model features opening trunk, reclining/ movable seats, adjustable steering wheel, and gear shift. The Officer has a detailed uniform, radio, rifle, handcuffs, riot gear (Just in-case). the model also has storage for all his equipment, with holders for the radio and rifle in passenger compartment and racks in the trunk for all his other gear. Set also includes an escaped convict so users can create all sorts of scenarios. so please vote for this project so it may come to shelves near you and check out my other projects both on here and at


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