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Interior for 10190 Market Street


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Following my project about the interior furniture for the empty modulars, I have made an interior set for the 10190 Market Street. This set was released after the 10182 as a Factory set designed by a LEGO fan. Some people don’t consider this a set from the modular buildings theme; however, it is included in the 10230 Mini Modulars set.

In the original set there is a croissant next to the door, suggesting that the most proper interior should be a bakery.

The entrance module contains the shop counter with the cash register and, of course, the bread. There is a hatch in the floor to allow a minifigure access to the basement.

The next module is where the bread is made. There is space for a stone oven and a table to knead the bread.

The original set has a terrace in the roof, so I have consider that floor the baker’s home, with a bed and a toilet. The pipe which you can see connects the oven of the previous module with the external chimney.

The set could also includes some spare boxes which could be used inside the basement and/or inside the other module with the vegetable stand.

Thank you for your time. You can check my other projects, where you can find also an interior for the Café Corner set.

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