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True Colors Of LEGO

Welcome to True Colors of LEGO!

This set is a compact color chart of all current LEGO brick colors, held up by tree displays on each end. The chart is expandable by the simple column build, allowing fans to expand it as LEGO's color palette changes and grows throughout the years, or to add their own discontinued colors from their childhood. The display can also be shrunk for fans wanting to keep their palette custom, or to show a limited palette for a MOC they're working on.

Each column has its own group of colors, built in a layout to reduce the amount of empty spaces on the chart.
  1. Standard Colors
  2. Bright Colors
  3. Very Bright Colors
  4. Dark Colors
  5. Very Dark Colors
  6. Desaturated Colors
  7. Transparent Colors
  8. Dark Transparent Colors
  9. Glitter Colors
  10. Opalescent Colors
  11. Specialized Colors

Specialized Colors are colors too specific to have their own column. Going from top to bottom:
  1. Warm Gold (Pearl Gold)
  2. Ink Gold (Metallic Gold)
  3. Vibrant Yellow (Highlighter Yellow)
  4. Transparent Fluorescent Green (Trans-Neon Green)
  5. Cool Silver (Metallic Silver)
  6. Flat Silver
  7. Ink Silver
  8. White Glow (Glow in the Dark White)

Be sure to vote if you want to have a LEGO chart of every single LEGO color!

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