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Zombie infestation

It's time for zombies

And here is my new creation, the haunted house with attention to the smallest details.
We can analyze the project in detail:

The house is contained in approximately 2800 pieces and includes 3 zombie minifigures.
It has a ground floor, a first floor and an attic.

On the ground floor there are the kitchen, the living room and the corridor.
Two doors facing out.
There are numerous items, including a sofa, a refrigerator and various other furniture.

Subsequently on the first floor there are 4 rooms,
The bathroom, 2 bedrooms and an unrecognizable room.
Here too numerous furniture, 2 beds, various sanitary ware and much more.

In the messy room, there is a staircase that leads to the attic, where we find disgusted objects and many decaying plants.

The house is full of climbing plants both inside and outside, a tree on the left rear side that has infested the house and numerous bones and cobwebs scattered throughout the path.

the uneven roof and the broken walls make the environment truly spooky, I really hope you like it, your support is important!

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