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Spectrum Racers


Four wheel drive competition is the game! Here we have seven identical 4x4 racing trucks; each with a color coordinated minifig racer. The driver will use his or her skills at cross-country, back road racing and survival with limited provisions. For longer races, the hitch on the back of each truck can be used to pull a trailer. Each driver’s truck hood has a insignia (pictograph) that represents their team. The insignias are Chinese characters for team colors:  orange 橙,  red 紅,  yellow 黃,  white 白,  black 黑,  gray 灰,  blue 藍

Kids will love this set for the colors and number of vehicles to construct. The seven minifigs; unlike any ever seen in a Lego set, will attract attention if the Spectrum Racers are used as a display piece. And kids can have a chance to learn a few ‘color’ Chinese characters while they are playing with this set.

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