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Zelda: A Link to the Past; Link's House

I still remember the day I got my brand new Gold Edition Zelda: A Link to the Past video game in the mail. Tearing open the package, poping my new game into the console, I sat and played for hours everyday after school. I will never forget that opening scene. It's dark outside, there is a major storm, link is laying in bed asleep. His uncle wakes him and tells him he must go out, he will be back by morning, stay in the house, and leaves. When morning comes his Uncle hasn't returned, and this is the start of your adventure.

This moc is a recreation of that fateful moment when his Uncle, sword and shield in hand, tries to go free the princess. It was such a memorable moment in my life, I can only imagine how many people shared a similar experience and feel the same way. I thought it would be a great idea to bring the fun and nostalgia to Lego.

The house is built in a modular style, meaning the roof is detachable for ease of access to the interior. Inside has just what you'd expect. Link's bed, a light over head, and the three breakable pots in one corner. The chained shelf with lots of goodies on the back wall. Next to that the cooking stove and cauldron. A full size table with two chairs. A smaller table closer to the door. And of coarse the first chest you open to reveal your first tool, the red lantern, to start your quest.
The outside has the iconic four studded rooftop with jagged egde boarder. Thatched windows and a beautiful door casing, along with the heart on the door (Which is originally a heart hole in the actual door, but Lego has no such door, so the heart on top I thought was a good compromise). The walls have a two toned jagged pattern similar to the original. I did hower add a vent pipe for the cooking stove as I thought that would be realistic, even though you can't ever see the back of the house in the game.
The walls themselves are two studds thick so as to maintain the cut corner look on the outside while still having a square room on the inside. This also allowed ample room for making the cooking stove area look proper. Last but not least the three iconic stepping stones for the front entry.

Zelda has always been my favorite game. Though it has gotten far better as the years go on, nothing in my eyes beats this classic. This moc would have been my pride and joy as a child. It is simple and yet complex, and has so much potential for the imagination. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do

Total piece count: 1539

P.S. I am not savi enough to use photo shop on these pics. However I do feel to complete the look the sheild and treasure chest perhaps could use some stickers or printed pieces. As well as a personalized torso for Link and his uncle.

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