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Pink Floyd CD-Box


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What is it?
It's a CD box. But not just any CD-box! It's based on my favorite music album of all times, Dark side of the moon! I used the CD as an inspiration for the build. I tried to recreate the pyramid of glass and the light hitting it as good as possible. For the colored parts I used randomly selected tiny tiles, bricks, plants... On the other side is the beam I did put some mini-figs. I don't have "Pink Floyd" mini figures but I think it doesn't look to bad! The whole box itself is all black, just as the dark side of the moon.

Why did you build it?
Dark side of the moon by Pink Floyd still remains one of the best records ever made. I never had the chance to see them live, but after going to concerts of David Gilmour and Roger Waters I just fell in love. I have this record for a while now and since it's a special one for me, I wanted to give it a special place. So why not make one LEGO box? I made it big enough for 2 more CD's, but for now only dark side of the moon remains in it.

And Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
Because to me it's simple. Every fan of Pink Floyd could possibly like this. And believe me there are millions of those wonderful people with good taste! Also maybe other artists could have their own boxes. Queen, Led Zeppelin, ... or even nowadays artists! It looks very classy and professional, could work in many interiors.

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