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Shogi Taikyokujo - JSA Centenary Celebratory Model

Played for over 400 years in Japan, Shogi is an important part of the Japanese heritage and exhibits many Japanese values. With the Japan Shogi Association celebrating its centenary in 2024, there is no better time to celebrate this game than now.
The Model
A Tikyokujo is a prestigious place where the all-important title matches are played. Together with the arena, are five Shogi players who have all made history.
For those who have never come across Shogi, it is a Japanese variant of chess. The most important difference is that you can redeploy the pieces you take from your opponents. You can play online, so please have a go!
The Minifigures
I chose three Kishi (Professional Shogi Player), all living legends. They are Yoshiharu Habu, Akira Watanabe, and Sota Fuji. Their historic records are simply mind-blowing!
I also included the two Joryu-Kishi (Female Professional Shogi Player) who are the only ones to ever reach the 3-dan league, which is the final league one must win to become a Kishi. They are Kana Satomi and Tomoka Nishiyama.
You can choose two players to have a match, and have the other three be the formal witnesses and timekeepers of the match.
If you love Shogi, Japan, and/or simply like this build, please do share and support this set!

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