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Roger the Rove and the Temple of Toltec


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After braving the fort on Haunted Hispanola, Roger the Rove was able to recover a mysterious, centuries-old map that lead him south to the Orinoco Delta. After enlisting the help of Ib, a native guidesman, they canoed up the river and discovered a strange ancient temple half sunken in the dense swamp. Could this be the remnants of a lost civilization? Could it explain the legends of the Mayas' origin? And what untold treasures are hidden inside?

Help Roger and Ib explore the Temple of Toltec to recover lost artifacts, golden treasures, and a scroll with a clue to the next adventure! It will take the skills of both to swing past the ferocious crocodile and reach the treasures. But don't forget to search the strange merman statue outside, too; it holds another surprise and clues to the builders of the temple.

This set contains 500 pieces. It is the second Roger the Rove set I have done, and I would welcome any suggestions to where he should explore next! If any of these sets make it through the selection process, I would like to include short comics in them that tell the story. This one is inspired by the Atlantis and Mayan Origin legends, as well as several Lego temples created by other talented builders.

I think it would be nice to have some of the smooth tiles (stairs, floor, trim) printed to look like broken marble, and the statue figure to have a similar new design on its torso. Also, I don't think trans blue baseplates have been done before, but should be feasible.

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