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Gingerbread House


Thank you for looking into my newest Lego Ideas submission: the Gingerbread House. This five hundred fifty-six piece model includes one gingerbread cottage, one gingerbread man minifigure, and various accessories such as a coffee mug, Santa hat, ice cream cone, and teddy bear. The entire house is built on one sixteen-by-sixteen base plate and has two floors. The ground floor contains a Christmas tree, small table, end table, barrel for holding accessories, and a hat rack. The attic is revealed by opening the two built-up roof plates. It contains a bed, end table with letter, and a hanging wreath.

I hope that submitting this project on Lego Ideas near Christmas will potentially draw in more supporters. This model could make a fantastic holiday display piece, and I hope to see it go far. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

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