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SpaceIL - Spacecraft Beresheet The Journey to the Moon.


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Hi guys, I am Matt –“#BadPirate”, today I have something special. A friend ask Me to design spacecraft named Beresheet from SpaceIL that just going right now to the moon.  It was a lot of fun for My, I build it because I love Lego bricks and all connected with exploration of space ;)

Little Info of Spacecraft:

Engineers from SpaceIL participated in the Lunar XPrize competition organized by Google. Their project was the most advanced and enjoyed great popularity in the world, eventually sending the lander to the moon did not happen. The company, however, established a partnership with Israel Aerospace Industries and finally the lander flew into space on the Falcon-9 rocket from SpaceX from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Hope you like this Space Craft and My first Lego Ideas Model of the 2019, all I need to thanks all the supporters and staff for this great Lego models this year. I hope You have fun watching my designThanks. Matt.

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