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Space Research Laboratory


On a planet far away, two astronauts (Bill and Joe) man a research laboratory station. They can explore the terrain with an arial research vehicle or an unmanned rover, discover mysterious green crystals, and grow space crops...but be careful to avoid the quarantined radioactive area! 

The set contains a space laboratory with 4 separate rooms (a dormitory, bathroom, research lab and maintenance room), easily taken apart for accessibility, a landing pad, an arial research vehicle (with a compartment for supplies and folding landing gear), a space farm complex, a unmanned rover and a detailed terrain. Contains approximately 2000 pieces (including the base) and three minifigures: Bill (without the suit), Joe (with a suit), and a suit 'dummy' for Bill. Other features include a white board, research desk, emergency eye wash station, equipment rack, table, refrigerator, fire extinguisher, quarantined area, three airlock doors, a crystal analyzer, plumbing and electrical equipment in the maintenance room, two bunk beds, two sinks, a 'space toilet', a mirror, a computer and more! 

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