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The Architect's Office


It is time to present the fraternal twin brother of "The Fountain Square"

a design created by our architect. He has designed these two buildings,

and he is happy because now the neighborhood is bigger and he can

have his team of builders making renovations and new constructions

all over the city.

On the ground floor he designed a small space for the construction

material, a dairy store, and the ground floor of the architect's office.

On the first floor the office continues with a computer and a plotter

(printer for the plans), we also have a large balcony that divides

 the two buildings.


On the top floor are the models that the architect has made, there

is also a resting area with modern furniture and a covered balcony.

The set also includes 6 minifigures including our architect (we can

 change the heads and hair as we want). There is also the architect's

assistant, two workers and the owner of the milk shop.

The set can be independent or a complement as part of its twin

brother that is for what was conceived, since the accesses can cross

the two buildings on the inside, and close a concept.

Here you can see his twin brother:

PD: in one of the photos of the dairy store I added cheese, the order has been slow to arrive;)
Thank you very much everyone for your time and support.

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