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Blacksmith Ambush

Blacksmith Ambush!

This set is a medieval blacksmith workshop with a royal travel lodge upstairs. With 3 separate rooms, a patio entrance, a walk out roof, an outside tool shed, secret safe boxes, and a hidden room, the possibilities of play are as limitless as your imagination. The exterior is beautifully designed with a medieval look great for any Lego fan's collection; It was specially made to add to any 'Lord of The Rings' or 'The Hobbit' fan's collection as a blacksmith shop or hotel in Bree. Each room is highly decorated with classic furniture and design, perfect for both play and display. Each floor can be separately removed for easy access and showing. It includes 6 high-class mini-figures namely: 2 Ghost Warriors with their ghost war horse, a Kings Man and his war horse, a Princess, A Blacksmith, and an Apprentice. Structurally sound and incredibly accurate, this is a masterpiece set. The three floors, amazing architecture and mini-figures, special pieces and features make this Lego set a Must Have for any Lego Fan's collection!


On the way to her secret travel lodge the Princess is ambushed by a group of Ghost Riders! Protect the ghost-emerald hidden in the secret safe from the raiders. Hide the Princess in the secret room. Will the Kings Man be strong enough to fight off the ghost warriors? Will the Blacksmith and his apprentice use their knowledge of medieval weaponry to aid the Knight against these unwanted guests? Or are the ghost riders and their magical weapons too strong for the group? The Choice is Yours; Only You Can Build the Adventure!

The Set Includes:

1) 1 large house with:

  • Highly detailed Blacksmith Workshop
  • Highly detailed Princess Lodge
  • Attic
  • Walkout Roof
  • Tool Shed
  • Hidden Room
  • Ghost-emerald's Secret Safe Box
  • Side Patio Entrance
  • Highly detailed (to scale) Fireplace
  • Spot for a Glow Brick to light up the fire

2) Over 30 weapons and special pieces:

  • Swords, Axes, Spears, Hammers
  • Crossbow, Magic Ghost Sword
  • Armor, Helmets, Flags, Torches, Lamps
  • Key, Bucket, Shovel, Chest, Water Barrel, Fan, Pan
  • Golden Micro-figure Statue, 2 Dragon Gargoyles
  • Spider, Frog
  • Chicken, Mug, Letter, Quill pen
  • Anvil, Bed, Chest of Drawers, Tables, Stools
  • And more!

3) 6 Mini-Figures:

  • Ghost Warrior with Magic Sword and Ghost War-Horse
  • Ghost Archer with Magic Crossbow
  • Royal Princess
  • Royal Kings-Man (Knight) with War-Horse
  • Blacksmith
  • Apprentice

1147 pieces. Fits with Lego "Lord of The Rings," "The Hobbit," "Castle," "Kingdom," and any other Medieval Lego Brand sets.