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The Penguin's Mech Team


About This Project

This is the fourth mech that I have made for the Batman universe. This is the Penguin's version of a mechsuit. The Penguin pilots the giant Penguin mech named Peggy. The other mech on his team is his rubber ducky mech which when the Penguin steals enough money he wants to mass produce for his thugs to pilot. Starting with the rubber ducky mech it has good articulation in it's legs. It holds one pilot only. The weapons are a double barrel cannon on one side that can spin 360 degrees to track targets. On the other side is a four barrel rocket launcher that has great articulation for tracking land and air targets. Peggy has okay articulation in it's legs and good articulation in it's arms. The head can spin 360 degrees. Like a real penguin Peggy is much faster and more agile in water than on land. One arm has a hand capable of holding Batman or Robin quite easily. The same arm has a large caliber cannon as well. The other arm has a TNT launcher for breaking into bank vaults or just to cause destruction. Peggy's back has a panel that can be opened/closed to reveal the cockpit. Peggy's white belly can open/close as well as be a ramp for the Penguin to escape from his mech in case he needs to in his Duckymobile. Inside the cockpit is room for the Duckymobile, all the controls for the mech, and a fish in case of a snack attack.

Play Features:

  • Both mechs can hold one minifigure inside.
  • The rubber ducky mech has good articulation in it's legs.
  • The weapons on the rubber ducky mech can move to track targets.
  • Peggy has okay articulation in it's legs and good articulation in it's arms.
  • Peggy's head can spin 360 degrees.
  • Peggy's back and white belly can open/close to reveal the cockpit of the mech.
  • Inside of Peggy the Penguin controls the mech from his Duckymobile which he can use to escape in case he needs to.
  • The Duckymobile can drive down the ramp (kinda bails mostly unless you hold him) out down the road away from the Bats.


  • Two minifigures, the Penguin minifigure and one of his thugs.
  • Minifigure accessories like a fish, TNT, the Penguin's umbrella, and a six shooter.

I think this mech team turned out really cool. Maybe the best of the four. If you like this set please support and share thank you.

Thank you for your support.


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