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Drive-in Cinema


I have designed a micro lego set of a classic American Drive-in Cinema.

The design is basically a 1950s mid-west small town Drive-in Cinema, the field is just a dirt/grass area, but there is asphalt around the snack bar.

At the snack bar, you can order snacks both from the outside and the inside. Inside the snack bar there is an area to sit when you have something to eat or drink. You can go there if you don't want to be in your car all the time. The couches are covered in red vinyl and the tables are made from gray plastic. The floor is covered with white and black linoleum tiles.

In the kitchen area, there is a grill and other facilities to prepare the classic Drive-in theater snacks. The roof to the snack bar can be lifted off for easy access when playing with the set.

There is a fence around the area to make sure everyone buys a ticket to the movie, and for a better experience there is a speaker on a pole next to each car.

Included in the set are 8 cars of different types, including a normal car, a SUV, a VW minibus, two convertibles, a JEEP, and also two classic sports cars.

The Drive-in Cinema can easily fit in any micro city build.

The set includes:

  • a movie screen
  • a snack bar
  • eight speaker poles
  • eight cars

The idea to build this set came after comments from catznbears, Twiggy9997 and MutanerdA on one of my other designs, the Car Parking.


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