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Minifig Carnival Flight

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Let your Minifigs have their ultimate Carnival ride on this big pneumatical driven machine.
Give this machine a thema like Star Wars, City, Creator or.... fasten your seatbelts and there you go!

This machine is builded in black but it must come in a complete different color scheme. Some of the planes as shown are (re)builded or adjusted original Lego creations as example with the machine.

- 1 hailfire droid wheel
- 16 pneumatic cylinder large
- 16 shock absorber 10L
- 1 compressor / RC motor
- 2 PF XL motor
- 1 autovalve / PF M motor

The Technic, Shock Absorber 10L Damped, makes a easy, slow touchdown for each plane possible.

Color Scheme: Not in black but just typical carnival. LtStone would be nice and of course with a lot of lights.... 'glow in the dark', transparant neon green and -orange wil give a special effect in the dark. The head of the machine (R2D2) must be redecoreted ........

Option: PF lights on every arm

Hidden under the head of the machine you will find the infra-red receiver. This pneumatic machine is a challenge to build and with Mindstorms and the NXT IRlink sensor (NIL1046) it is possible to automize the ride.

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