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Medieval Tavern/Inn

I built this as an ode to my favourite fantasy novels, inspired by the Medieval Blacksmith! Growing up, fantasy novels that included an Inn/Tavern along the side of the road long-travelled by many explorer were very common. Bustling common rooms, full rooms, hay lofts with the occasional bedrolls for the downtrodden. I wanted to bring that experience and feeling to the world of LEGO, and this is what I came up with!

The first floor is the common room, where travellers can get a warm meal and a table to share some ale or wine with their friends! Attached through a back door and archway is the stable! What better place for your horses to rest for the night?

The second floor is the Inn's rooms, rent by the night, with a small sitting area in front of the fireplace, and a little balcony overlooking the town. Through the doors and across the decorated arch leads to the hayloft, for those desperate enough for a roof over their heads for the night. Be careful, dropping your lantern could have dire consequences!

Lastly, the attic perches on top of a short ladder, providing a few pallets for the rough-trodden travellers and a storage area for all those carrots that will end up in your dinners... or your horses!

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