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Disney : The Jungle Book


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The jungle book is one of the Disney classics that does not have a Lego alternative yet!
Why not make one ?

This cartoon , created in 1967 by Wolfgang Reitherman, tells the story of a little boy, Mowgli, who is abandoned on a boat that is stranded in the jungle.

After several adventures, Mowgli meets a very good friend: Baloo, a very friendly bear !

Baloo decides to protect Mowgli from the terrible snake: Kaa, the terror of the jungle ! 

There is a real film ( Disney) on this story in 2016.

The set contains :

  • A minifig of Mowgli, the little boy !
  • Baloo in brick built, the friendly bear !
  • Kaa in brick built, the terror of the jungle !  
  • A tree
  • A lake with  rock 

If this project reach 10.000 supporters, it can become a real set ! So, support it and share it if you like it !

I hope you like it like me !

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