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NASA Space Shuttle Discovery

08/10/2012: Just an update, I've priced out buying all the pieces I need to make this set in real life. I fully intend to replace the LDD photos with an actual model when I have the time/money to back it.

06/19/2012: Hi everyone! Thanks for the support! I've recently made a MOCpages account, so here is the link to my page:

06/14/2012: I have completed the updated version as of now. The new model will be the cover image and new images will be below as well.

06/14/2012: As tkunsman pointed out, my model is missing a key element. I am currently fixing this issue and I will update/organize the pictures accordingly. Thanks again for your ongoing support!

06/12/2012: Thanks to everyone for the early support! 5 supporters in 24 hours is not bad, I'll take that. Tell your friends, your coworkers, your dogs even!

UPDATE: The new and more accurate/proportional design is up!
The cover photo is new model. The Solid Booster Rockets/External Fuel Tank are now more proportional to one another and the Mobile Launcher Platform is now much more detailed and accurate to the real thing.

UPDATE: I am currently working on a more accurate version as well.

Hi! This is my first CUUSOO Project that I've ever submitted, I figure it's worth a shot to get my idea out there.

I took a page from the LEGO Architecture series and made a model not as an attempt to completely replicate the ship, but to capture the essence and look of the subject.

This set, which is a microbuild of sorts, is based off of the NASA Space Shuttle Discovery.
The set includes the Shuttle, Solid Booster Rockets/External Fuel Tank, and Mobile Launcher Platform. All 5 pieces can be detached from one another for play or display.

The exact brick count is 926 pieces. It is not a perfect design, but I'm sure LEGO could definitely perfect it with review.

Well, that's my idea and I hope you like it.

Any and all comments/criticism is welcome. Thanks and happy building!
*Built using LEGO Digital Designer.


The new shuttle (Right) next to old version (Left)

Mobile Launcher Platform. 2 pieces, mover on and bottom platform on top. Separable.

The whole set together.

The whole set separated (Except for the booster rockets attached to the external fuel tank) *Minifig added for size comparison*

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