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Pizza To-Go - Little Pizzeria


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This is my remake of the beautiful 6350 'Pizza To-Go' set. I built it as part of a 'classic set remake'-challenge on instagram back in April.
It is heavily based on the 'original', as you can see by the giant 'PIZZERIA'-sign on the roof. But I definitively wanted to give it my own personal touch.

The building itself stands on a 16x16 baseplate. Although it seems rather small, it is really detailed and great to display or to play with.
Featuring a stone oven and a little kitchen on the inside and some standing tables up front. It also comes with a little delivery bike.

I think it would be a really cool IDEAS set, as it is not that large, yet it has everything you could ask from a set like that.

- 269 Parts (w/o minifigures)
- 16 x 16 studs.
- 14 bricks in height.

This little Pizzeria is perfect for every LEGO City, your minifigs will never want to eat anything else!
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