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Hyrule Castle From Ocarina of Time

The Hyrule Castle Play Set from Ocarina of Time works great as a collector’s display piece in addition to being a functional play set. Our hero Link is pictured here riding Epona, his trusty steed through through the drawbridge entrance to Hyrule Castle to escape the enemies of Hyrule Field. The set features a drawbridge that can be lowered and closed to keep the Stalfos out of the castle gates. There are many Easter Eggs from Ocarina of Time scattered throughout the build including a carton of milk containers, a cucco’s egg, a treasure chest filled with rupees and multiple heart containers to help our hero battle the enemies of Hyrule. Building this set will have you imagining yourself riding up gates of Hyrule Castle just like in the game. Hyrule Castle itself translates beautifully from its pixelated N64 counterpart into LEGO form for this original LEGO Idea build!

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