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Galactic Hotel


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I have a quite huge space base with a lot of official and custom sets. With my children, we call it "Gemma Prime" which is the name of the planet where it is supposed to be installed in a galaxy far, far away.

Near the landing zone of the spaceport, we have installed a cozy Galactic Hotel for travelers who need to rest on Gemma Prime.

A small stairs is used to access to the dining room where customers might have a space lunch. There is a bar and a small, but well equipped, kitchen to prepare the meals: fridge, dishwasher, cooker, sink.

From the dining room, an external lift may be used to reach the bedrooms levels. Each of the four bedrooms has a bed, a small cupboard, a light and a TV screen. They are very well lighted by a huge bay window and a small one.

The lift is commanded through colored buttons:

  • Yellow for the dining room,
  • Blue for the first bedrooms floor,
  • Green for the second bedrooms floor.

The red light next to the floor-colored-lights, above the lift doors, is a warning light.

On the roof, a huge panel (enlightened by three light spots) is showing the name of the hotel. It is surrounded by some communications systems with the other buildings of Gemma Prime.

The rear facade of the hotel has large openings to allow the play.

The hotel may be installed on the 32 x 32 crater baseplate (part #3947), thanks to its piles which isolate the building from the planet's ground.

The set is provided with two minifigures:

  • A customer coming from a far planet,
  • A staff member with cleaning tools.

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