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Today's spaceships are large, expensive and difficult to maintain. The transport and storage of the Republic's starships is difficult. Also many spaceships require a crew of two people (pilot and a gunner), making it difficult to complete the allocations.
It's time for a new generation of space warships.
This new spaceships should be low cost and easy production and maintenance, maniobrales, small to transport them without much space on the mother ships, but also must have a high firepower and greater autonomy.
This new spacships should require only a single pilot, along with an astromech droid.
The answer to these needs is the new fighter CSS-1.
We make available to the New Republic a prototype for testing rigor and we are ready to begin mass production of the ship as soon as approved by the technical committee of the Galactic Senate.
The security of the Republic depends on our technological renovation. You'll be supporting galactic peace and stability by supporting this project.
Thank you.

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