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Way of the Spinjitzu


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The Way Of The Spinjitzuhas 3 builds

  • 1. The shop  is where wu ,kai and nya meet, it contain a lot of references to the tv show
  • 2. The second floor  has a room but in the Ninjago series it doesn't show what's inside so I designed it.
  • 3. The dragon blade room is the room that Kai found in Season 7 of the show. The room is under the shop but I made it on the second floor so that it can be added to the collection, (the door is still there)
  • 4. The garden : 2 statue, a mail box and a mural that illustrates the story of the way of ninja
  • 5. The water tower

The set included

  • 1. Blacksmith shop
  • 2. Samurai vxl mech
  • 3. Wu's ship
  • 4. Oni and dragon statue

The minifigures

  • legacy jay
  • legacy kai
  • legacy nya
  • legacy cole
  • legacy zane
  • legacy lloyde
  • legacy wu
  • legacy borg
(The ninja minifigures have mask and separate hair included)


  • The main build 1526 pieces (only the the shop, the second floor ,the dragon blade room, the garden)
  • The water tawer has 144 pieces
  • Wu's ship 88 pieces
  • The minifigures has 95 pieces
  • total 2155 pieces

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